A Will is one of the most important documents that you will ever make. It is an effective way of protecting your family and your assets.

It is a common misconception among married people that there is no point in making a Will because everything will go to the survivor. Sometimes property has to be divided in a way you would not expect and in some cases a surviving spouse may be deprived of their home. Others say that they have nothing to leave, but the estate can include any house, death in service benefits, payment from any occupational pension scheme, damages in the event of accidental death and life insurance policies.

We specialise in all aspects of Will Writing. Making a Will with us is uncomplicated and great value for money. We appreciate that everyone's circumstances are different so we take time to give you advice on writing your Will so that you can make an informed decision what your requirements are. We then prepare a tailor made Will for you.

Reasons to make a will

  • Your husband or wife may not automatically inherit your entire estate.

  • If you are unmarried - your partner has no automatic right to inherit from you.

  • You have children from a previous relationship and are now in a new relationship.

  • To provide for step-children.

  • To appoint guardians for minor children under 18.
  • To preserve your assets for beneficiaries who may be spendthrift, suffering from mental or physical disabilities, bankrupt, divorcing or even residential care fees.

  • Own a business or are in a partnership.

  • You wish to avoid paying 40% inheritance tax to the Inland Revenue.

  • Wish to provide for your pets or your favourite charities.

What we can do for you

  • Free Will update with every Lasting Power of Attorney for existing customers.

  • Emergency Will preparation.

  • Free Will storage service.
  • Responsive service with efficient turnaround times

  • Specialist advice based on over 13 years' experience.

  • Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Our Fees

  • Single basic non-urgent - £220.00 plus VAT

  • Mirror Wills basic non-urgent - £400.00 plus VAT

  • Single Life Interest Trust Will - £330.00 plus VAT

  • Single Emergency Will - £350.00 plus VAT

  • Life Interest Trust Mirror Wills- £560.00 plus VAT

  • Single Discretionary Trust Will - £455.00 plus VAT